A 6-part course designed to help you write engaging blog posts that will captivate your readers, unleash your own creativity, and make Google smile.

If you're ready to fall back in love with blogging and create engaging posts that not only connect with your readers but put you on the path to rank on Google ... Blogging With Confidence is the course for you. 🥳

You started your blog full of excitement at the possibility of reaching new audiences and creating engaging content but for some reason ...

no one seems to be interacting at all. 😬😬😬

Is this you ...

You think your content is good but you know that something ISN’T right. You’re getting the odd view here and there but for the amount of time and effort you’re putting in, you’re not getting much back. 

You’ve tried googling the answers or watching the odd YouTube video to see where you may be going wrong but you come away feeling OVERWHELMED. Keywords, how many links to include, alt text, SEO what?! 

You often sit down to write a blog post but have zero clue what to write to actually engage your audience. 

You need more ideas so you can find the sweet spot between sharing what YOU want to share and finding what your audience actually WANTS to read.

What happens when you reach the stage with your blog where you no longer want to post because ... well, what's the point?

If you've lost your blogging mojo, then it's time to step back, reevaluate, and take action.

Because I'll tell you something: taking action could be the start of a whole new blogging world. (Cue Aladdin)

And it's simpler than you think.

In order to create blog posts that you are confident in sharing, that are engaging your audience, are making the google-gods smile down upon you ... all you need is a simple, easy-to-follow system.

"[Before Blogging With Confidence] I was feeling confused - there's too much noise in the industry and many gurus and coaches are sharing many tips and tricks. I jump from one tip to another but none of them give me clarity.

Now, I'm definitely feeling more confident in building the blog I want.

I've attended several webinars and courses about blogging but none of them came close to what Anjali taught about content ideas in the course.

The way she presents her ideas is easy to understand, and I managed to come up with many ideas for my blog. I highly recommend blogging beginners who are struggling with content ideas to join this course!"

Walk with me down memory lane to 2009 ...

After a conversation with a friend one day, he turned to me and said “you should start a blog.”

I didn’t really know what a ‘blog’ was at the time, but soon discovered it was an online space where I could share my love of writing and photography with … well, the world.

And so I started my first blog.

And it was a hot mess. 🚒

I was sharing things that weren’t helpful for other people, they weren’t structured, they were just whatever word-vomit I poured onto the page that day. 🤮

I had no real idea what I was doing.

Fast forward to just one year later. In 2010 I scrapped that original blog and I started afresh.

This time, I had a purpose. 👊🏻 I had a reason. I knew a lot more about blogging than I did the year before, and I was ready to really give this ‘blogging thing’ a go.

But guess what? 

Still a hot mess. 😫😫😫

Or a dumpster fire. Take your pick of metaphors.

Something wasn’t right.

⭐ I knew I had the goods

⭐ I knew I had the writing skills

⭐ the photography background

⭐ the passion …

but I didn’t have the traffic. I didn’t have views. I was losing my confidence, losing what excited me about blogging when I first started. 

I was missing something.

Something had to change. Otherwise, what was the point?

So I knuckled down. My priority had changed, and I was determined to make it work. I would make it work. 👊🏻

I started learning everything I could about SEO, blog post structure, how to figure out what people wanted to read and what I could throw straight in the ‘don’t bother’ basket. 

I discovered the power of tools I a) had no idea existed and b) didn’t understand just how much that could impact my blog.

I found my blogging mojo again. 

I gained the confidence to write engaging posts that my audience would love and that Google would pull to the first page. 

I started blogging with confidence.

And now I want to teach you what it took me YEARS to learn.

"Blogging With Confidence is a gold mine of information whether you’re a budding or seasoned blogger or a business looking to start - from idea generation to sharing your content, Blogging With Confidence has you covered!

Written in Anjali’s easy to follow and relatable style, with not only bonus materials but achievable action worksheets, Blogging With Confidence is the course which just keeps on giving!"

Imagine if this was your reality ...

You finally have a simple, rinse and repeat process to write engaging blog posts

You feel confident that you’re actually creating posts you know your audience will love to read and you enjoy writing. 

You actually understand the basics of SEO so you know exactly what to do to write a blog post that makes google happy AND brings more traffic to your site. 

You have an endless list of blog content ideas to keep coming back to and a simple content creation process to ensure that you never run out

You’re seeing your blog gain momentum and you’ve fallen back in love with blogging

You’re posting consistently, you can see your readership increase and you feel excited about the growth you’re finally starting to see. 

So, what do ya get when you jump in Blogging With Confidence?

Blogging With Confidence is a 6-part course designed to help you write engaging blog posts that will captivate your readers, unleash your own creativity, and make Google smile.

When you jump inside you’ll get:

⭐ 6 Pillars with video modules that step through everything you need to confidently create blog posts that you feel proud of creating, Google loves, and your readers will keep coming back to (value $997)

⭐Actionable homework tasks to accompany every Pillar so that you can produce SEO savvy, ready-to-publish blog posts by the end of the course (value $257)

⭐Worksheets and additional resources to help you implement what you’re learning as you go. Also included: over 190 stock photos for you to use in your social media content and your blog (value $157)

⭐Lifetime access to all the content within Blogging With Confidence 

Over $1400 worth of value for just $127 USD!

Bonus #1

Blogger’s content planner so that you can stay ahead of the game and create a more consistent blogging schedule.

Bonus #2

Canva templates for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest so that you can easily and quickly create on-brand promotional content and start bringing traffic back to your blog.

Bonus #3

Credit for online tools that are going to help you schedule and plan.

Pay in Full

$127 USD

Best Value

Pay in Part

$67 USD

2 payments over 2 months

"What you share is so relatable, I've spent too long being swept by silly trainings that don't translate to where I'm at, so thank you!"
"[After Blogging With Confidence I feel] encouraged, inspired and more confident in my ability to create content that has value and connects with my audience."

Hands up if you're a details person? ✋🏻

Hey I get it! You’re in great company, because SAME. Before investing in your blogging content future you need to know exactly what you’re getting, right?

Right! So let me give you a run-down of what you’ll see when you open up your course.

How are you going to build a successful blog if you don’t have solid foundations in place? Spoiler alert: you can’t. We dive into the importance of setting solid foundations for your content creation, and how to go about doing so.

After our foundations, we need to think up content ideas. This is something that most bloggers and content creators struggle with most: running out of ideas. In this Pillar, we look at the strategies and systems that have helped me write over 2,000 blog posts and counting, and how you can implement them in your own online space.

Ah, words! Pillar 3 looks at the tools and resources to help you write engaging, captivating, and inspiring content, as well as looking at practical elements of content creation such as SEO and keywords and writing structures.

From there we chat about the actual creating of your content, including the wonders of repurposing. We also look at design tips for the future, and how to most efficiently and effectively set yourself up to create content.

Social media, Pinterest, and email marketing are some of the topics covered in Pillar 5. As well as tips and tricks for using social media effectively, we look at the importance of email lists, how to start one and what to send your list when you do have it up and running.

So we’ve looked at all the things listed above, but what now? How do you take what you’ve learnt and keep moving – nay STRIDING and STRUTTING – into the future.

Got questions? I got answers!

This is a self-directed course, which means when you start the course is up to you, and when you finish is also up to you; you can take however long you need to complete it.

A lifetime! As long as I keep the course up and running, you have access to it. It is hosted by ThriveCart, and you will receive a log-in where all the courses by me you have invested in will be.

Then we pop champagne and have a party!! 🥳🥂

I kid, mostly. But there will be updates in the future, and as a student of the course, you will have access to them automatically, as well as any additional bonus content.

If you make your way through Blogging With Confidence and you haven’t taken anything away with you to help you with your content (and you have put in the work and used the strategies and ideas that I put forward), then you can contact me within 7 days of your purchase, and I will issue a full refund. 

We love questions! You can contact me: anjali@thissplendidshambles.com or you can DM me on Instagram, @thissplendidshambles.

Anjali Kay | This Splendid Shambles

Blogging With Confidence | 2022