The Get Back to Blogging Blogtober Challenge is a community-based challenge designed to help you form a blogging habit so that you become a blogger who is consistent with her content, grows her blog with every post, and builds a community around her. 

This you?


👉🏻 You’ve been blogging for a little bit now (or perhaps you’re brand new!) and you used to have a good flow of content. But now you’re struggling to remain consistent with your content.

👉🏻 You’ve got a bunch of ideas but are lacking the motivation and the discipline to actually sit down and write.

👉🏻 You feel like you’re pretty alone in the blogging world.

👉🏻 You’re feeling like you might give up blogging if something doesn’t change.

Get Back to Blogging Challenge

is for YOU. 

This challenge runs for 31 days during the course of October and has two main focuses: 

⭐ Community Building: You’ll meet a bunch of other bloggers from around the world where you can connect and encourage each other in your blogging adventures

⭐ Forming a Blogging Habit: What do bloggers need to be doing on a regular basis? Actually blog, right? And to publish blog posts, we need to have a good blogging habit.

Imagine if … 


👉🏻 You were publishing blog posts on a regular basis and you had a consistent flow of content.

👉🏻 You were amped and ready to go with your blog post writing and publishing, and you had the motivation and the oomph to create. 

👉🏻 You had a whole group of bloggers around you, supporting you every step of the way, encouraging you, giving advice, and offering up their helpful opinions. A community to be a part of. 

👉🏻 You felt confident about where your blog was headed and had a good blogging habit to make sure it actually happens. 

Join the challenge!

Set your challenge goal

Connect with others

Write your blog posts

Access resources

Join live calls & check-ins


When you join the Challenge ...

3 x Live Calls

Live calls at the beginning, middle and end of the Challenge to meet the other bloggers doing the challenge, be kept accountable to your goals, and celebrate when we hit November.


Build a community of bloggers around you as you meet the other participants, chat in the challenge portal, and encourage one another throughout the month.


Epic resources and coupons from 9 experts in their field, covering everything from design to Pinterest, social media to writing engaging content and more. 

Meet the Contributors

Each week of the Blogtober Challenge you’ll receive bonus resources to help you in your blogging endeavours. 

Meet your contributors here!

Anjali Kay (that's me!)
Blogger & Blog Coach

Kia ora, I’m Anjali! I’m a blogger myself (12 years!) and a blog coach. I help women create and grow their blogs through courses, resources and 1:1 coaching. I believe that you should both love and feel confident in what you’re creating and putting out there into the world. Together we can make that happen. 

Anita Dykstra
Pinterest & Blog Coach

Anita is a full-time travel blogger who has grown her blogs to huge success using both Pinterest and SEO. She runs 2 successful blogs which have allowed her to travel to 50+ countries while getting paid for it. Now, she’s also helping bloggers and online business owners create & grow blogs that lead to more income, impact and freedom.

Beth Hackmann
Copywriting Mentor

Beth is a Copywriting Mentor specializing in blogging, email marketing, & websites! 

For the last three years, she’s helped creatives connect with their community through powerful, personality-packed copywriting.

Brittany Miller
Instagram Coach

Brittany is the owner of a boutique social media consulting and management agency for heart-centered business owners and service providers called Brittany Miller Biz. She has helped clients across North America with their social media, ranging from female-owned businesses revolutionizing their injury (law firms, career coaches, fashion designers, etc.) to start-ups and app companies.

Ellie Hully
Blogger & Planner Extrodinarie

Ellie is a mum of three, wannabe-perfect housewife, entrepreneur, to-do-list checker, resource creator, educator, soak-it-up student, vanilla latte drinker, mental health warrior & chaos controller (phew!). She’s also a blogger and planner extraordinaire and loves creating simple and realistic systems to suit your life and business. 

Elizabeth Loberg
Web Designer

Elizabeth is the founder and lead designer at Wood Media LLC, a branding and web design agency. 

She loves designing, SEO, and helping other small businesses improve their online presence and make their website their best employee.

Rhiannon Rae

Rhiannon is a Canva template designer and social media manager by day and a video gamer by night. 

She started her business to help entrepreneurs stand out on Instagram and to help them attract their ideal clients. 

Sarah Dietz
Social Media Manager

Sarah is a social media manager who helps individuals and small businesses grow on social media. She professionally grows Instagram and TikTok pages and creates unique social media strategies and organic marketing campaigns that yield authentic connection, real engagement and growth.

Sophie Melligan
Designer & Illustrator

Sophie is a designer and illustrator at, based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

She’s a creator of all things fun and colourful, with a goal to help motivate you and get your life a bit more organised. 

Blogtober Challenge FAQs

The Get Back to Blogging Blogtober Challenge runs for the duration of October, however, you will have access to the community and the resources until the end of November.


The GBB challenge is a great place to start your blogging journey. You will meet other bloggers from around the world, as well as have access to resources that will help you create your first blog posts.

It will also help you form a blogging habit right here at the beginning of your blogging adventure!

I’ve been blogging for 12 years now and this is totally still for me!

Even if you’ve been blogging since the dawn of internet time, GBB is for you.

Perhaps you’ve not been keeping up with your blog posts of late, or you’re feeling a bit lonely in the big ol’ blogging world.

What better way to kick your blog back into gear, get back to blogging and connect with some awesome other women around the world? You’re most welcome!

The Get Back to Blogging Blogtober Challenge is to help you form a blogging habit.

You’ll set a goal at the beginning of the month, and start to implement steps and a schedule to see it through.

You’ll have resources and guides from experts in blogging, social media, design, and planning to help you out along the way, and accountability check-ins with the community.

The Get Back to Blogging Blogtober Challenge is $50USD. 

You will have access to Challenge portal for all October for the duration of the challenge and all of November.

Due to the nature of the challenge, refunds cannot be issued. 

But, friend, once you get in there, you won’t even THINK about asking for one. 😉

No worries! Flick me a message on Instagram and let’s chat!

Get on in there! 👇🏻

Get Back to Blogging Blogtober Challenge

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